Being in a Business on your own...

Many do not realize the difference between a pearl girl who works for an MLM and ones who work for themselves...

It's easy to sign up by buying a "kit" and perhaps make a bit of a "setting" if you really care about an atmosphere.  Then there is the devices, the tripod, the macro lens, the shells, the salt, the props, the envelopes to send products, what do I do for gifts?  Lets not even talk about WHERE in your own house this will work for you.  I know for months I was in the dining room and the setting up and breaking down each time was a PAIN. But luckily I had a room in our house that was kind of an "everything" room for sewing, my make up table, wrapping paper bureau, I weeded out and condensed and added a large table for my PEARL parties and set up the back wall for my background. However, working for another person or company may be a perfect fit or not as why some go "independent." It's like the person who works for restaurants and after seeing how it's done decides that they can do this and open their own restaurant. Its the difference between who wants to be follower or a leader.  One who wants to follow the rules or make the rules.  Being an independent pearl girl at least you have no staff to train or maintain (unless you want that).  However now ALL the product falls on the shoulder of the business owner.....they shop and shop and shop and browse, take notes, bargain, haggle, compare prices.....THAT's a lot of work. But I take pride in picking out pretty quality pieces.  And I won't be buying thousands of one thing. I can buy just a few or even one and see how my customers like it and either buy more later or no of THAT.  Especially since I will place some of my jewelry in some bombs to be see what the my foils unfold live on my show. I suppose if a piece keeps getting traded not for it's size but it's design, I know to not buy it anymore.

I need my customers send me a screenshot of a products they see displayed from any game, prize or bomb and when they feel that MUST have THAT....they can reach out to me and I can order one for them. 

Another good thing about independent is that the product goes right from me to my customer and I can make this a full time job or part time job.  My commitment to my own business depends on my creativity and drive to provide beautiful things to my customers.

I want my clients to be absolutely 100% thrilled with what they buy/get/win from Shucking Ridiculous. I want them to have to choice to either just order (if that is their style) or play a game and see what comes their way.  No one is stuck with the pearl that that comes from the oyster they paid for. I won't go through ALL my cages that I have in stock but I will offer about 4-5 for them to choose from or tell me they like cats and I will show what I have. 

Anyhow, these are some of the things I thought of as I transition from a tethered pearl girl to one that is free....

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