Saturday Night HOOK up- 10 ways!
Saturday Night HOOK up- 10 ways!

Saturday Night HOOK up- 10 ways!

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Who doesn’t want a Saturday night Hook Up?  My first line of mystery bags has evolved to get what you are feeling in the mood for but still some mystery to it....

Jewelry 📿 Hook Up(s): 5 pieces definitely but if you want one of them to have Sterling Silver make sure you change your Choice to the one if you want some sterling silver in it. Most piece will be Papparazzi but not all.

Spa🧴Hook Up: 5-6 pieces depending if you get a Spongelle in your bag.  Please tell me during the live if you want some make up in there as well or not.

Nailed it💅🏼Hook Up: At least two Colorstreet sets in your bag, you may swap if you are not a fan of what was selected.  Will also have some other nail related item as well.

PZ 💗Obsessed Hook Up: Sprinkles, Soaks, Soaps, Sanitizers, go cards, atomizers, the possibilities are endless...

Surprise 🤷🏼‍♀️Me Hook Up: 5-6 items all from different  categories!!

Pearly 🦪 Hook Up: If you are still a HARD CORE pearl/oyster fan, you can get yours with oysters, a cage! These are opened at home and are a mix of rice, baby, triplets, twins, quads or Edison’s!

Ridiculous 🛍 Hook Up: In a tote bag BUT double of all the items from all or one of the categories. Tell me your preference during the show.

Sweet 🦷- yeah you got it bad for the sweets and there is no shame to that. A variety of the all the ridiculous sweets that are in stock will be created for you.

You’re🧒🏼Kidding me!!- “BAIT” to add to your package so the kiddo won’t see the good loot you got for yourself!!! - let me know girl/boy or teen.

You can ADD a colorstreet nail or papparazzi to your order and you can choose from what I have!!