Different Name, but still ridiculous...

I've come a long way since 2017...who would have "thunk" it, I started as a "pearl girl" working for a sketchy MLM selling and revealing pearl and jewelry online. Wanting the independence of my OWN business, got a business license and did my own thing.

Realizing that I haven't been focused on pearls anymore and branched out much farther that I have grown out of my own unique business name.

So here we are, I've retired the name Shucking Ridiculous and (since I am no longer shucking any oysters) and focusing on the ridiculousness of all the things out there to sell that makes my business: fun, unique and catering to my special customers needs and requests.

Rest assured, the family and friends atmosphere will be the same, the games, the special treatment...like a new hairdo or outfit, it was time for a name change.  Hope you like it, I was scared and unsure about it but I am confident that it will be ok with all my ridiculous peeps who I sell to.  

The website link will still say shuckingridiculous.com but the name every where else will carry the new name.

Love you all, it is my pleasure to bring you ridiculously fun things!