Hi I am Jenny, Sole proprietor of Shucking Ridiculous!

As I finish out my last years of teaching, I wanted to transition to a job that I can not only fully play up my creativity but where I can be the boss now! My interest first piqued as pearl party appeared on my newsfeed and I wondered what is THIS all about? I became a loyal customer quickly as my addiction to pearls and jewelry grew. So, I ended up working for the same for a MLM I bought from and after many months, I realized at my age that I wanted to make my own rules and sell what I heard my clients wanted, not a sell what a company told me what to sell to my customers.

This business of pearls and jewelry is exciting, fun-filled and beautiful. Despite the hard work it is go on your own, I just really want to make my customers happy with the quality of the product they get from me AND create a fun environment for them to obtain these gorgeous pieces sometimes in a RIDICULOUS way!

Peace, Love and Happiness,

Jenny Saunders

Owner of Shucking Ridiculous